4 Pieces Golf Ball Orange

"I am the light! My tee off is powerful, the flight path of my red hot balls is long, straight and unstoppable like the sunshine. I am pure energy – I am HELIOS."

HELIOS are golf balls for high speed shots with an extremely long, straight and constant flight path. In addition it offers extreme control for shots in the green and extremely high spin control.


4 Pieces Golf Ball

“My tee off is like a thunder, my ball flies as fast as the lightning! I’m targeting powerful and exact. I’m controlling each game and each enemy – I am ZEUS.”

For an extraordinary long, targeted and constant flight path. In addition it offers extreme good feeling for shots and excellent control for short distance shots.


3 Pieces Golf Ball

“I can fight against all elements. With my long and stable shots I’m also ruling the water. It does not affect me – it’s bows reverential in front of me - I am POSEIDON.”

Poseidon are high speed golf balls with extra long, straight and constant flight path. In addition it provides ultimate control for shots in the green.


2 Pieces Golf Ball (ultra soft)

“I am the lord of the earth and what is underneath. I’m mastering bunker shots and other obstacles easily and I am sending my balls with highest precision directly to my territory: the underworld - I am HADES.”

Hades are golf balls with lots of spin control and reduced roll characteristics due to the specially designed soft surface. Ideal for control on the green and suitable for approach strokes and the ball has an extremely stable trajectory.

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4 Pieces Golfball - Helios 4 Pieces Golfball - Helios
Der orange-farbene Golfball Helios ermöglicht beeindruckend lange Hochgeschwindigkeits-Schläge mit besonders gerader und konstanter Flugbahn. Verantwortlich dafür sind seine optimierte Dimplestruktur sowie die...
From €3.98 *
2 Pieces Golfball - Hades 2 Pieces Golfball - Hades
Dieser Ball offenbart seine Stärken vor allem bei der präzisen Platzierung auf dem Grün: Seine spezielle Softoberfläche erzeugt einen höheren Spin, wodurch sich die Rolleigenschaften reduzieren. Entsprechend ist Hades ideal für die...
From €2.48 *
4 Pieces Golfball - Zeus 4 Pieces Golfball - Zeus
Zeus kombiniert in einzigartiger Weise die Vorteile eines Langstrecken-Balls mit einem Ball, der ein Kurzspiel mit viel Spin erlaubt. Heißt: Der Zeus zeichnet sich durch eine lange, gerade Flugbahn ebenso aus, wie durch eine hohe...
From €3.98 *
3 pieces golf ball – POSEIDON 3 pieces golf ball – POSEIDON
POSEIDON is developed for targeted extremely long distance shots with a constant flight path. It also offers an extremely good ball feeling for shots in the green. The reason for that perfect combination: improved physical...
From €2.98 *

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