On the way to the golf-god: Which ball is optimal for a medium handicap?

If you have already arrived in the Middle handicap area and want to constantly improve on your way to the golf-Olympus, the selection of the ideal golf ball depends on the correct assessment of your skills.


45 grams high-tech.

From the outside, a golf ball is not to be seen how much high-tech it is. But there is plenty…


Basically, there are 4 different types of golf balls that differ in the number of materials used. The simplest golf ball is made entirely of a material, so here is not even differentiated by core and shell. This results in a low ball speed, little control and low widths. These golf balls are for the driving range because they hardly deform because of the hardness.


The 2-piece ball consists of two components: the core and the shell are made of different materials to ensure higher distances and higher ball speeds.


The 3-pieces ball consists of a shell, an inner coat and a softer core for higher ball speeds and more spin. It offers a good distance and also good control during the game.


The God among the golf balls is the 4-pieces ball: It is made of a soft shell, an inner and an outer mantle as well as a high-tech core. It is suitable for (advanced) professional golfers, to whom this ball elicits an awesome “Hallelujah” with high speeds, high spinning and a constant trajectory.


Golf balls have intrinsic values – which ones count for you?

This knowledge must be incorporated into your decision as to which ball you should place on your tee in order to improve your game further. Do you want a ball that allows for a special width while at the same time reducing the control and feeling of putting? Or do you put a lot of emphasis on constant control while hitting and can compensate for lower width by precision? Or do you already see yourself on the way to the pro and therefore need a 4-piece ball that combines the best of all worlds?


Our Hades is an interconnected 2-piece ball that allows for good control and at the same time good widths with lots of spin. Very well suited for the first steps to the Gulf God.


If you expect a little more control and distance from your high-tech companion, you should choose a 3-piece ball. Poseidon is your elementary companion: it provides a particularly long and straight trajectory and at the same time offers the ultimate control in the green.


The 4-pieces golf balls Zeus and Helios are the right choice if you have already worked on a single handicaper. Or if you want to put an impressive statement on the fairway with your ball and underline your ambitions!


Whichever ball you choose, we wish you a “divine game”.


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