Andrè Schneider Golf Teacher in the GC upper Neuland


Helios: (4 piece ball)

The first time I held this ball in my hands, I immediately noticed the soft casing, so I really wanted to try it out.

The first long strokes confirmed me the soft feeling at the meeting moment, these golf balls are very suitable for the short-as well as for the long game.

Since the sheath is made of urethane (synthetic resin), especially with short strokes, a great feeling is in the beating, paired with a very good spin of the ball.

This ball is especially suitable for players who would like to have soft feedback at the meeting moment as well as for players who want to attack the flag with back spin

  • Soft sheathing
  • High spin
  • Good feedback on short strokes.


Hades: (2 piece ball)

This ball is suitable for everyone. Due to its slightly harder shell, it develops less back spin during the long strokes, which leads to the ball rolling longer in the case of drives and thus generating more length.

The price-performance ratio is good for the golfer who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on a ball, but still puts value on quality. The ball I can recommend to you if you want to beat wide strokes

  • Harder shell
  • Lower spin
  • Well suited for golf beginners
  • Very good value for money.


Poseidon: (3 piece ball)

The ball has a good mix of both, soft hitting in short strokes and little twist during longer strokes. The ball is suitable for beginners as well as golfers who play in the Middle handicap area and value good feedback at the meeting moment

  • Well-suited for experienced golfers and beginners
  • Good feedback at the meeting moment.




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