which golf ball is the best for your way to the golf-Olympus?

  • Is the most expensive ball automatically the best for each player?
  • is the color the rash for an optimal tee?
  • is the number of Dimples decisive for the optimal trajectory or the best width?
  • And in general: is space not completely overestimated and ultimately precision and ball control are the most important?


Questions about questions. It’s good that we have answers ready.


The ball makes the difference.

A solid ball for precision on the green is Hades. Its soft surface provides good precision, but for less good widths. Hades is ideal for teenagers or ladies, who usually have less in the width than more in the precision of their strengths.

The 3-piece ball Poseidon, on the other hand, with its combination of high speed on a particularly long, straight trajectory and excellent control in the short game, gives a giant wave.

Those who can already call themselves golf-God, of course, are only satisfied with high quality equipment, therefore the two exception-balls Helios and Zeus are available.

Both four-piece balls with optimal flight characteristics and perfect precision. The orange Helios with cast urethane coating allows you an impressive length with extremely high Spinraten, the high-energy core technology ensures optimum power transmission to the ball. With Zeus, the ruler of Olympus, on the other hand, you will achieve breathtaking distances, impressive speeds and subject the green with high control. Great golf balls for the advanced and pros.


With each of these balls you can climb the golf-Olympus playing. On the way that best suits your player’s needs. So choose your companion and then: Enjoy the Divine game with the best golf ball for you.

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