Changes to the golf regulations from 2016-more fun as a goal

The German Golf Association has made a strong case for its leisure golfers at the European Golf Association. With success, the competition-oriented regulations are defused for golfers who are primarily looking for fun at the golf course. A good step, for example the wanted handicap pressure for a lot of players, is not a real target in the leisure area and is more of a burden.
As of 2016, you will find the priority on the green einräumst, some exemptions from handicap regulations as well as useful simplifications in the game operation.

Forced for round accurate Handicapveränderung lifted
The first step is to design the Handicapwertung more moderately from the specifications Class 5, i.e. HCP 26.5 to 36.0. You can make a bad single result without the handicap being increased. That means in plain text, after a bad, target-effective result, your handicap no longer deteriorates automatically. Important side effect, so that is also the complicated topic buffer zone from the table. Of course, golfers can continue to be raised regardless of their home club specifications. It is about a new possibility that appeals to golfers whose playing potential is depressing or only leisure-oriented. Fun in the game thus gets a significantly improved importance in golf.

Back to the committees
In the course of this Handicapentschärfung, the computer-controlled adjustment of the preset in the form is also removed. The obligation to check the requirements from one season to the next remains, but it is delegated to the competence of the Vorgabenauschüsse. The adjustment made by the computer is only a proposal from 2016 onwards, and the decision-making authority is in the future with the targets committee.
This ensures a much better, individual assessment of the active golfer.

CBA is deleted
With the free elimination of the computer-controlled buffer zone adjustment CBA, a further concern of the golf athletes is met. The regulation is foreign to practice, since the CBA calculation in many cases does not yield anything. With target-effective laps, no CBA can be calculated between 40 to 60 percent of all cases or the results do not result in any shifts in the buffer zone. That was done from 2016.

EDS on all DGV golf courses possible
New in the program is the admission of private rounds on all golf courses. This extension of the EDS rounds, which was previously only possible for the home place, is intended to strengthen the concept of competition in the leisure sector.
There are two restrictions, this only applies to golf clubs that belong to the DGV and the registration has to be done beforehand in the secretariat of the respective golf club.

Course maturity not equal to first handicap
The first handicap must also be played from 2016. The entry “PR” is available in the master page for the achievement of the course maturity. In order to get the highest possible standard 54, you as a golfer must actually reach this result regularly on the golf course.
Of course you can be better too.

No active flag
The criterion “active” is no longer kept on the master page. It is too unilaterally tailored to target effective rounds. This does not correspond to the actual activities, because private rounds are also part of your golf bets. Tournament approvals should be better taken into account in all activities.

Faster re-integration into the default system
In the future, a round will be enough to gain recognition of the handicap after a longer break as a golf player. The previous regulation of the necessary three laps is not applicable. The reason is simple, the DGV wants you back more quickly after a break. The sport of golf lives on active players, a quick reintegration supports this idea.

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