What the “Fore!” -Reputation at the golf course means
Why is the golf course always “Fore!” -Hear calls? The answer is quite simple: this exclamation warns other players in the square of a golf ball flying in their direction. Although golf is one of those sports with the lowest risk of injury, the force of the ball can sometimes have fatal effects. For this reason, before the tee, the player must make sure that the golf ball with up to 200 km/h cannot endanger any teammates. However, if a person is in the trajectory or is otherwise in danger by the ball, this can be caused by the call “Fore!” (i.e. “Foor”) be warned of any risk of injury.

The origin of the exclamation “fore”

As is often the case, the exact origin of the reputation “fore!” is not 100% clarified. According to the British Golf Museum in St. Andrews, the exclamation was already used in the year 1888. It probably has its origin but in the 17. and 18th century, albeit in a different context. In this way, fighting infantry units were warned of the artillery behind flying cannon balls. After all, the enemies and not the HINTERKÖPFE of their own soldiers should be taken. The usual call “beware before!” was shortened and adapted over time for golf, until the exclamation “fore!” finally prevailed.
However, this is only a theory of the origin of the exclamation. Another refers to the role of the so-called Forecaddies. This is responsible for speedy progress on the golf course. He appreciates the approximate trajectory and the landing site and is already on the way before the tee-off. But should the actual trajectory deviate from the planned due to external influences such as a gust or a failed strike, the Forecaddie was warned. From the exclamation “Forecaddie!” was finally “fore!”.

Correct behavior

Once a player notices that another person may be near the trajectory of his or her own ball, it should be immediately warned loudly and repeatedly with the call “Fore!”. This also applies if the player is currently in a concentration phase and may feel disturbed. Finally, a hit on the head can cause serious injuries. Of course an apology is attached after the exclamation.
If you hear the wake at the golf course, you should immediately duck and protect your head with your own arms. In no case should the mistake be made to determine the origin of the reputation. Even if the “Fore!” -Exclamation appears to be coming from far away, the aforementioned safety precautions should be taken. Finally, gusts of wind can dampen the wake or change the trajectory of the golf ball.

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