Which ball scores at the golf beginner?

The beginning is difficult – at the golf course. And so the most ambitious golf beginner also finds a magical ball loss in the golf bag due to lack of experience and, above all, because of the inadequately developed technology.


Quality from the morass?

In view of this fact, you might get the idea to buy cheap golf ballsto keep the financial damage low. A comprehensible consideration, however, which is poison for your metamorphosis from golf-freshening to the Gulf God.


Keyword Lakeballs: Sounds like an alternative, after all the balls will be processed. But when you think about it, it’s actually a fact that every expensive high-tech ball has to suffer blatantly through weeks and months in the morass. Some tests underline this logical conclusion: thus pond balls fly up to 13 meters shorter than new ones.


Even with other “retreaded” balls, you don’t know what they have to endure and how much the core or inner values have suffered from exile in the water obstacle. and short further as well as unpredictable flight characteristics are real motivation killers themselves for the most passionate golf disciple.


Best equipment for best results.

Golf ball for Beginners-HadesSo what to do? It’s simple: put on a new, high-quality ball that combines good quality, great flight and game characteristics and attractive conditions. We recommend an interconnected ball made of 2 components, a so-called 2-pieces golfballs. For example, our model Hades.


He combines the best between heaven and earth in a ball: Hades offers a lot of spinning and is well suited for beginners due to his special soft surface, who want a lot of feeling on the green and at the same time good flight characteristics. But also in chipping, pitching and putty, Hades can score: With its soft surface, it has reduced rolling properties on the green and thus offers maximum control.


Nevertheless, Hades is very robust and can be played for a long time. Thus, the slightly higher acquisition costs compared to no-name-balls or those with new Eingehauchtem life – apart from the fun of the game.


So Hades is your divine companion on the way from Earth to golf-Olympus. By the way, one who makes you look good on the green, thanks to his outstanding design, even before you came to the first tee.

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