Divine Golf game with Zeus and Helios.

When you stand at the tee, you know exactly what golf is all about! It’s not just about choosing the right racket or standing right. In golf, every detail is decisive and it depends on the perfect interaction of all components. Only that makes golf so challenging and so exciting for you!


Your claim is to be able to get your best performances in every round – your ambition demands the momentum, extreme breadth, optimal approximation and unique control on the green.


The way to the divine golfer is paved by good equipment.

That’s why you have to take great care with your equipment, too. Finally, you know what important features the golf ball has on your game. And what fatal consequences the choice of the wrong ball can have.


Just for players like you, we offer two divine companions on the way to the golf-Olympus: Zeus and Helios.


Between Heaven and Earth: Zeus and Helios.

Zeus and Helios are four-piece ballsthat meet the highest quality standards. Both balls are characterized by a particularly long and straight trajectory for your high-speed strokes. In addition, both balls offer extremely good control when hitting the green.


The dual mantle technology of Zeus enables particularly large distances and impressive speeds. The coating with the new NEI ® technology also ensures extreme Spinraten.


Helios, the Sun god, is already outwardly captivating by its exceptional orange colour. But not only does Helios have a visual impact: its cast urethane coating allows for impressively long high-speed strokes with a particularly straight and constant trajectory. It also contributes to its optimized Dimplestruktur and high-energy core technology, which ensures optimum power transmission to the ball.


There is only one question left: Which of these two is right for you to celebrate your religion appropriately?


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