Because not strength, but control decides. Golf balls for women.

Research shows that women approach the game of golf quite differently from men. They play more prudently, do not get into the competition so quickly, can focus better and are often more balanced, which is important for the concentration and constant performance up to the 18th hole. After all, the best width does not use anything if the ball lands in the rough.


Precision instead of power

Our Golf ball Hades is therefore especially opposed to the playing characteristics of many ladies. It is a 2-piece golf ballthat combines the best between heaven and earth. At tee-off and in the approach it offers a particularly good precision due to the special soft surface: This produces a higher spin, which is important for the trajectory. In addition, 392 Dimple ensure superior aerodynamic properties.


On the green, however, this soft surface is precisely due to the reduced rolling properties, if you can feel close to the hole and play out all your feminine intuition as well as precision.


Or in other words: Our ball Hades is a divine choice for players who would like to send their male colleagues to the underworld sometimes.

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