It’s feeding time!!

golf balls made of fish fodder or other biodegradable materials…… is that possible?

Clear! Nothing is impossible!

Golf Balls can be different sometimes..

namely biodegradable, completely environmentally friendly and a delicious bonus for the water inhabitants.

Amazingly similar to a “real” golf ball but noticeably harder, real environmental enthusiasts come to their own expense.

It’s almost obvious!

The oceans are full of rubbish. One or the other golf ball is also romps.

For this pollution to end, smart heads have made the round ball so that we golfers can now also do something good to the fish.

On cruises, holidays at beautiful golf courses by the sea or wherever you just feel like hitting your golf balls into the water, you can take the chance to grab the biodegradable golf balls.

It is a “small” difference to the other plastic balls.

The golf ball consists of a hard outer shell made of wooden base or other resolvable fabrics and in the core hides the delicacy for the colourful sea creatures.

As soon as the balls come into contact with water, the process of dissolving begins. Depending on the model, it is then decomposed after 24 to 92 hours.

Thus, golf is preserved on the most beautiful coasts and seas-without having to have a bad conscience. On the contrary, if the little slime-mouths could talk, they would certainly like to thank you for this simple but brilliant solution.

For the fish, every stray blow now means the wet “extra food”.

The sizes are similar to a “real” golf ball.

So around the 42.8 cm-the weight is about 50 grams. The Dimple for better aerodynamics was also thought of. This is how the fish lining looks amazingly similar to the golf ball.

Only in the game behaviour and in the length you have to make a cut. But it’s not hard for a golfer to think. So it is often the fun that is in the foreground when you drive the tidbits of the railing.

Be yourself and play like a God!

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