USGA and R & A: Who is this actually?

The United States Golf Association USGA is the top instance for golf in the United States, and together with the R & A, an administrative institution, which originates from one of the most famous and oldest golf clubs, leading the golf rules worldwide Responsible. The regulations of the DGV (German Golf Association) are also based on the rules and “decisions” of these two associations. In addition to etiquette and guidelines, the focus of USGA and R & A is on the alignment of large international tournaments and the promotion of golf.

Golf Ball Tests: When is a ball tournament allowed?

Rumours are making the rounds here: Have you heard that Lakeballs are not allowed to be played in tournaments? or X-out balls are forbidden per se! Just as some golfers are convinced, golf balls should only be played in white on tournaments. But who will tell you whether your golf ball of choice can actually be played on the next tournament? This is also the responsibility of the two institutions, the R & A and the USGA. In a determined test procedure, the golf balls are examined and then published on a list of approved golf balls.

Does your golf ball have to be listed on the R & a list?

Generally not, because the current golf rules state that it is recommended to disregard the “list of Conforming golf balls” in normal tournaments and to limit themselves to the requirements of the golf rules under “Annex III”. From these it can be taken that a golf ball may not exceed a weight of 45.93 G and should have a diameter of at least 42, 67mm.
Especially with Association championships but also in other golf tournaments, it is still required that the played balls are listed on the list of R & A. In case of doubt, you should check with the game manager in advance to determine which specifications are valid. A look at the conformity list of R & a can’t hurt: if the golf ball is listed here, you’re definitely on the safe side!

United States Golf Association HeliosWhen does the R & A and the USGA test a particular golf ball?

The golf ball can be submitted to the R & A for conformance testing. As a rule, this request will lead to an investigation by the manufacturers. However, the golf balls usually pass the test before the market launch.
What test procedures does the institutions apply to determine compliance?
On the whole, in the extensive procedures of the USGA and R & a The admissibility of size, weight, symmetry and behavior of the material are checked. The individual golf ball models pass through several stations from the laboratory scale, via a ring and a marble run, with the help of which the rolling behaviour is recorded on the basis of the factors initial velocity and total distance in repetition tests. By the way, several golf balls of a model are always tested to ensure that there are no deviations in the production. If a golf ball can prove itself at all tests in the standard areas, it will eventually be added to the list of rules-compliant balls.


Our golf balls have run through the tests and have been awarded as compliant.

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