Houston, we have a golf ball

Very bad weather with rain and thunderstorm moved on January 31, 1971 via the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. It was a good thing that the passionate golfer and astronaut Alan Sheppard was on his way to the moon on that day with the Apollo 14. Because there is no weather at all for lack of atmosphere and thus neither clouds nor wind or precipitation.

With the Apollo 14 for tea
In fact, Alan Bartlett went “Al” Shepard, Jr. First golf player on the moon in the history books. In the luggage of the Apollo 14 were not only numerous measuring instruments, but also a small golf equipment. After the completion of a comprehensive scientific program, on February 5, 1971 finally had tea time on the Fra-Mauro Highlands. Two golf Balls and one iron 6 had brought Shepard for his lunar golf excursion. Due to the stiff space suit, the Astro golfer had to deal with the tee-off, however, by hand. So it took on the rugged crater floor of basaltic lava already a failure and two rather mediocre experiments with golf ball 1, before golf ball 2 “miles and Miles and Miles” flew, as Al Shepard enthusiastically reported. Thanks to the low gravity and the lack of braking effect of an atmosphere, the small white ball was barely halted.

Grandfather Makes Moon walk
On February 9, 1971, Alan Shepard and his crew members Stuart Roosa and Edgar Mitchell landed safely on Earth again. With their salvage from the Pacific, the mission to the moon, which had been scientifically successful, ended. The Rock with a proud total weight of 42.9 kg provided many valuable information about the dating of the Moon age. The measuring instruments carried, such as a radio isotope generator, ion detector, laser reflector for the determination of the distance between Earth and moon or instruments for examining the lunar geology and the lunar rock, enabled the collection of useful data. For Alan Sheppard personally, the successful lunar mission meant another great milestone in a remarkable career. With the participation in the Mercury-Redstone 3-mission launched on May 5, 1961, “Big Al” was the first American in space. Now, at 47 years of age, the exceptional talent was also the oldest person on the moon, the first grandfather with a moon walk and not least the first Luna golfer. In addition, Shepard is and remains the first and only Mercury pilot to have made it to the moon. At daytime temperatures of + 120 degrees Celcius and night temperatures of-130 degrees on the moon, even Alan Shepard would prefer the mostly sunny Florida as a golf resort. Whether he used the flag of the United States on the moon as a hole flag is not delivered.

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