Do you warm before your golf game or do you prefer a cold start?

There are different types of golfers. We present a few here in a nutshell and anticipate one thing: do not warm up is a “no go”!!

Type 1:
Do you also belong to those who want to play a round of golf quickly?

This looks something like this:
Go to the club, quickly get things out of the locker and find that you don’t have food or drink.
Outside you can see that there are still a few golfers in the game: say, the tee is occupied or you think: “If I don’t go right away, I’ll have to sit in your neck afterwards.” OK, so there is only one solution: the popular cold start! A little angel whispers to you that this is not really good. The Devil confirms you in your attitude: Last week it worked too. Next time you hit yourself and warm up-besides, you also wanted to go a few holes. The Devil wins.

It’s quiet on the square. Of course, the first strokes don’t sit at all. “Never mind”-you always need one, two holes to get warm at cold start. Do you know… On the second hole your game becomes so bad that you think for a short time. “OK, replay would have been really better. Next time and then definitely! ”
On the 3rd train, you’ve got your breakthrough. Some beats are really good. Since it’s just running, you’re playing 9 or 18 holes. Meanwhile, your body should have been grooving too.
However, at the latest at 6 or 7 you are thirsty, your body needs energy, you drag yourself to orbit 8 or 9.

You didn’t really have fun, but you were golfing. Next time, so your plan, you take water and food and have time. Plenty of time to warm up, play and a quiet start. The way you’ve been doing it for years…

And the golfers from the range? They were not at all on the square….

Type 2:
Takes “time” to hit.
Get a pair of golf balls with the driver Kloppen. Full Pull. Fly far, run, can go.

Type 3:
These are different types that differ due to age:
-Youth: “I don’t need to warm up. I’ve already ridden a bike. ”
-Middle Age: “I’m still young.. (.. and used to always cycle). ”
-Senior: “Yes, warming up would be good. I don’t know how and play for so long. So far it has always been a good thing. ”
-or there are those who mean to warm up. For them it is self-evident and they bend their thugs in their hands quickly a few times back and forth and mean they are now warmed up.

These different types and certainly some other curious species or not types of warming up are always to be admired on the driving range.

Dear Golf Friends, do not warm up is a no go!!!
It’s damn important to warm you up, even if you find it silly, boring, unnecessary and dull! Find a game partner and warm up together if you don’t have the guts to do something for yourself and your body before the game.
As the tee on each hole is self-evident, you should look at warm up as a normal thing that belongs to golfing.

And that’s why there is of course also the
Type 4:
The WHO just strapped it, how important the warm up is regardless of age and performance level!
Warming up can be varied and completely different:
Some people listen to music in order to relax and be completely with them.

The purpose of warming up is to specifically prepare your muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints for the next movement (= your golf swing!).
A targeted warm-up not only reduces your risk of injury, but also increases your mobility and reheats it simply and simply better.
There is no universal recipe: Each one is individual, both in the way of warming up and at the end of the hammering.

By the way: just playing a few balls is no warming up.
The possibilities and Expertentips are manifold.
It is especially important
1: Stretching with or without Faszienrolle
2: Activate your turntable. Shoulders, torso, Hull.
3: You should not start with the driver.
Many start with pitching and putty and then work from the short to the long clubs.

Exercises to get the cycle in the swing for example: cycling, skipping, running, puppet
Also, exercises for general fitness to strengthen your muscles such as slow squat and push-ups are highly recommended.

Well done, it does not take 10 minutes to get well prepared for your lap.

What do you look like? What type are you? I’m sorry to admit I was a long type 1.. Today I know it happily better and have noticed effective differences when I am well prepared and warmed up my racket swingers.

Be yourself-play like a God!

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