Golf Olympia 2016

In the past, this divine sport was considered to be one that was reserved only for members of the society. The talk is of the Gulf; A sport that is becoming more and more important in the wider masses. Another highlight of this development is the year 2016. 2016 is known to be the next summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. The programme includes: Golf.

Historical development of golf at the Olympics

This was not always the case. Only at the Olympic Summer Games in the years 1900 and 1904 were golf tournaments part of the Olympic programme. On the occasion of the Games in the year 1900 in Paris two golf tournaments were held, a tournament for the ladies and one for the gentlemen. Similarly, it was in St. Louis in the year 1904, but with the difference that a team competition took place in lieu of the women’s competition and the male golfers also participated in a single competition. But then this sport came to an end as an Olympic discipline. It was only at the instigation of the so-called executive committee of the IOC that a U-turn took place. The aforementioned executive committee recommended in August 2009 to its IOC, among other things, to include golf in the programme of the Olympic Summer Games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro as another Olympic discipline. This recommendation was ultimately followed by the IOC plenary Assembly.

Golf as Olympic discipline at the Olympiad 2016

Thus, golf is again an independent Olympic discipline, with the result that, on the occasion of the Olympic Games 2016, also among the golf players are fought for the so coveted Olympic medals. In Rio de Janeiro, a golf tournament for the ladies as well as for the men will be held for a period of four days each. The individual tournaments are occupied with 60 athletes each. In principle, the game mode is very simple: 72 holes are played over four rounds of 18 holes each. Those who need the fewest beats of the participants for the holes to be played will be awarded the gold medal as Olympic champion.

Olympics 2016 and the consequences for golf

The fact that the two golf tournaments will be held on the occasion of the next Summer Olympics in 2016 will in all circumstances continue to have a lasting impact on this sport. The result will be that golf will increasingly settle in the broad sport segment. This is particularly important because, in contrast to the technical disciplines of athletics or football and handball as well as other sports, this type of sport has no strict age limits. Golf is basically a sport that can be practised by young and old. It is thus a so-called cross-age sport. Golf as an Olympic discipline will therefore be a strong advertising effect for this sport, also in the sense of an age-old sport. For the rest, the Olympic Games of the 2016 will not be the end of golf. It is already established that golf will also be a part of the Olympic disciplines at the 2020 Olympic Games. Of course, we are all of the good hope that golf will also always be part of the Olympic programme.

Conclusion: Our so beautiful golf sport has now gained a very great appreciation; An appreciation of the also hopefully you will benefit in the future. We are curious who will play our Divine Golf Balls 😉

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