Hole in one-probabilities, records, celebrations

The dream of every golfer is to be able to toast a hole in one once in a lifetime after the round with his players. The direct hole from the tee off is far from probable. It is most likely still on par-3 holes, in very rare cases also on a par 4.

Probabilities for a hole in one

The German Golf Association published in its statistics on the Golfjahr 2007 that a total of 473 hole-in-ones were achieved at competitions. With approximately 4.8 million par-3 holes played, this results in a probability of around 0.01% or 1:10,150. The American “hole in one insurance” gives the long-term chance for an ace of an amateur golfer with 1:12,500. The magazine “Golf Digest” originating from the same country says that every 12.750 tee is directly in the hole. According to the hole in one insurance, the probability for a hoi of a professional is at a par-3 hole at around 0.04% or 1:2,500. Since most PGA tournaments usually 144 golfers, the chance of one ace per day is around 22%. In the course of the four-day competition, it is almost certainly a hole-in-one at least one player to go out.

Hole in one-records

The longest hole-in-one in history has been achieved by Robert Mitera in the year 1965. The feat of an ace already succeeded people at the age of five years (Coby Orr) to 103 years (Gus Andreone). In the year 2001, Andrew Magee attended a par-4 course for the first hole in one on the US PGA Tour. Since the hole was played with three under par, it also corresponded to an albatross. The golfer Leo Fiyalko scored in the year 2008 as the first blind athlete a hole-in-one.

How to get celebrated in ones

Usually, the ritual requires players who score a hole in one to celebrate it with their opponents. Usually they are invited to a drink after the end of the round. In Scotland, the following round is often played in the Scottish rock. Some insurance companies even offer insurance against the high cost of a possible celebration after an ace. In tournaments, golfers receive special cash or material prizes and are usually recognized on a board in the clubhouse.

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