Golf is also very difficult to start with, especially because golf is one of the most challenging sports in the game. Those who have reached their place maturity will quickly become impatient and want to improve their handicap as quickly as possible. There are a few basics that you can use to file your game quickly and easily.

The blows
Depending on the game situation, there are different strokes in the golf, the short (putts/chips) and the long strokes (pitches). With some tricks and tips you can make your rackets more precise and safer.

Warming up
Take a 8 and 9er iron in your hand, grasp the two handles and start swinging them back and forth quite slowly. This exercise is ideal for warming up your back muscles. Well and gladly you can swing around 10 to 20 times before you hit your first ball.

Hitting the range
You should start with a wedge or with a small iron. Slowly you can then work your way up until you get to your driver. If you have hit at least three balls in a row, you can switch to the next higher bat, not before.

Playing on the putting-green
You take about three to four balls to putt on the putting green. Start with about 2 to 3 meters of short putts. Do not extend the distance until you have holed three putts. Here’s a tip for you:

-If you have reached three punched putts at a distance, perform a putt with closed eyes. This is your security.

-You should also practice short putts longer than the long.

If you train the long, make sure that you have the best speed. Choose a point that is about halfway between the hole and the ball and targets on it and not directly on the hole. If you abläufst the Puttline, you can get a sense of the length. Don’t forget the repetitions with the closed eyes.

Training on the Chipping green
Putting is the most important blow, followed by the Beats chips and pitches. Practice them as often as you can. Here, too, you take three to four balls and choose a flag. Take tees and make a circle around the hole with a radius of about 3 meters. In addition, you should not stop here before you have beaten three balls in a row.

Also change the way of the chips. Hit this one time with a 9er iron and the other time with the pitching wedge. Note that the more shallow the trajectory of the ball is, the longer the “roll” of the ball has to be. If you don’t have an obstacle to pitch, play a flat chip. In comparison, these are rather simple to dose and the risk of hitting the ball is extremely low.

Before pitching, always look at the conditions and choose the point where you want to make your ball come up. The same is true when chipping.

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