A golfer knows no pain-so he plays by day and if it is possible also at night. And preferably all four seasons throughout. in winter , the golfer is often not as happy with his performance as in the warm seasons.

What is the reason for this? We have asked the four divinities:
Helios, Hades, Poseidon and Zeus What do you look like? Why are so many golfers dissatisfied with their performance in winter?
The 4 are all agreed: The outside temperature plays a major role in relation to the ball flight. At warmer outside temperatures, you can develop your potential better and continue flying. The optimum interaction between ball and ambient temperature is crucial. This is not only their personal feeling, but also physical evidence. Cold air has a higher density than warm air and this hinders the flight of the ball.
The temperature of the ball affects the spin of the ball, its speed and its length.

Hades: By the cold, the golf ball can be compressed less and then flies not so far.
Some golfers try to preheat us before the blow. Either we are warmed up with taschenwärmern or the mere existence in the trouser pocket and some also use special ball warmers (beware: Golf rules!).

Zeus: Too warm is not optimal. It could be that we deform in the summer heat and the different inner cores dissolve each other.

Helios: If it’s already winter golf, I recommend a golf ball with a soft core. Good are multilayer golf balls. Because they usually have a soft core and the compression is lower. We can also give full throttle in the cold and you have less loss of length than when playing with a golf ball that has a hard core.

Poseidon: Both extreme cold and extreme heat are not optimal.
A warm golf ball flies on: The reason for this is that it leaves the club head at a higher speed and more spin. At the same time, a warm ball flies with a higher flight curve. This also affects the length. Conversely, the opposite applies to a cold golf ball.

And one more small tip of our 4 stars: You don’t want to be kept in cooler or unheated rooms, because this way you lose and harden your flexibility. Even new playmates that are still original packaged suffer from hardening in case of incorrect storage.

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