Alexander with the FOREACE capAbout 4 months ago I decided to put a totally crazy idea into action. I try to play a par round within a year, starting from a handicap of-21. This won’t do? Impossible? Spinner? We’ll see…

My name is Alexander Jordan and I’m trying! I report on my progress, setbacks and experiences constantly in the golf magazine and under my blog


One thing is clear, since I have tackled such an undertaking, I deal a lot with the subject of golf and especially the golf swing. At the same time, I am also looking for the right equipment, ranging from rackets to the perfect golf ball.


By chance I came across FOREACE, a start up that was completely unknown to me before and that with his company appearance is certainly as crazy as I am. “Divine Golf Balls“: I can use them, because for a par-round, help from Heaven can not hurt.


Already the logo I found cool, because it is rocky, funky and so completely away from the classic Golfnorm! It was clear the balls I had to test. With the sample pack under the arm for training and off we went.


Although I used to always think golf ball is golf ball, however, significant differences could be measured and by now I also notice the advantages if one does not constantly change the ball. It’s just more reliable and more importantly it gives me confidence in a good blow.


After many tests, I still could not decide for a “God”, because both Poseidon and Helios are my favorites. But since the ancient Romans were happy with several gods, I too can live well with it.


Golf Balls FOREACEPoseidon is longer, straighter, harder! Helios is softer, more emotional and with its extraordinary color a real eye-catcher. He just has something radioactive!


At the beginning I was skeptical whether you see the ball at all, I had so far not made good experiences with colored balls.

But Helios is different. It shines from afar, so that the search for the ball has become much less.

This in combination with the feeling strength makes me fall back on the Helios more often.


A few weeks ago I got to know the “Gods Makers” at the Rheingolf Fair and we came into conversation, also about the philosophy of FOREACE. To distribute excellent golf balls at a fair price, without intermediaries and additional surcharges.

That’s what they’ve done!


The balls are great! Clearly, this is always a matter of taste, but if you give them a chance, they will not stand the top balls in anything, are available for the different golfer types and that really at fair prices.


If the “Power of God” now transfers to my game, my project can only be a success!

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