Even in winter in cold weather and perhaps with snow you don’t want to miss your beloved sport as a passionate golfer. You don’t have to, because even in the cold time a visit to the golf course is worthwhile, if one does not have the opportunity to drive to the warmer countries to indulge in the favourite sport. So here are a few tips on how you don’t have to do without golf even in winter.

Playing golf in winter, with the right clothes no problem

Of course the weatherproof clothing is the first place if you want to play golf in winter too. A good functional jacket and a rain-tight and wind-resistant trousers are optimal, so that even on cold days you can beat the winter a cheat and stay on a golf course. In addition, functional underwear is not only for skiers, but you as a winter golfer should equip yourself with this. In addition there is the appropriate headgear, which is absolutely important here. Because just about the head you lose the most warmth. The warmth can be stored with a beautiful poodle cap and also protects it against snow and rain. To protect the face or to have a clear view in bad weather, a thin cap is simply worn under a warm hat. So that even the hands do not get cold, because with cold hands can be beaten badly, Mittens are required, which must keep the hands warm in the breaks between the tees. Finally, the shoes have to be entered, because simple golf shoes from the summer are not recommended here. However, there is a wide range of golf winter shoes on the market that are lined inside and are waterproof and snow-tight from the outside.

A warm golf ball flies better

When playing golf in winter, you should also pay attention to the ball . Ideally, you take several balls with you to the place can be changed. The golf ballsthat are not in use are simply put into the jacket pocket to warm them up. Because it is known that a cold ball flies worse and also a cold racket is less efficient. Unfortunately, not much can be done against the stiffness of the racket caused by the cold, but already a heated ball can influence the game well.

If you don’t want to play outside, you can use indoor facilities

You can also putt in the warm room. For the training, a smooth carpeting is enough, the break in the office is just right for the small, scheduled training. If you don’t have a chance to do this, you can go to a driving range or a place that provides covered and often heated tee boxes. In addition, you can choose one of the many Indoorhallen for your golf game over the winter, or search for a golf simulator where you can improve your playing.

For all those who venture into the golf course in winter despite snow, rain, wind or cold, still a small tip. The mulled wine should not be enjoyed before the last hole, but then as with the Apres ski in this apres golf can go again really high.

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