How fast will a golf ball be?

Every golfer has certainly wondered how quickly such a golf ball can become: here the simple answer:
The record is currently at 339.56 km/h.
Of course, just right after the tee. Then the speed decreases. Once the golf ball reaches the highest point of its trajectory and it goes down again, it gets faster again. The speed of impact is significantly lower than at tee-off. Finally, the air brakes on the way. And the faster the ball, the higher the drag.

How can I achieve the highest possible ball speed?

This works well, like everything about golf: practicing, practicing, practicing! But seriously:
An amateur achieves about 130 km/h

The PGA Tour is 170-180 km/h

So still practicing…

is a golf ball hit deadly?

I guess so. You should definitely avoid hitting the head. In Germany, weapons are free of a muzzle energy of the projectiles of 7.5 joules. A well beaten golf ball comes to about 40 joules.

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