Sweet Spot What is it?

The sweet spot in the Gulf is the ideal point of impact on the bat leaf. It is the aim of every golfer to hit his ball directly in this sweet spot.

Why is that? When the Golf ball is hit in the sweet spot, the ball flies with its optimal flight curve. The maximum transmission of the impact power is guaranteed. Thus, the optimum length is achieved by the sweet spot hit.

Accuracy, acceleration and shock absorption are the best in sweet spot. When you hit the sweet spot, you feel it.

If you do not hit the golf ball in the sweet spot, you lose significantly in length. This applies to all types of clubs, such as the putter as well as the wood and iron.

If the golfer does not meet his ball in the sweet spot, he catches him at the top or at the hoe, among others. This is then called a misunderstood to the right or a misunderstood to the left and thus a change of direction of the ball flight goes along.

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