The slightly different golf language…

In the Gulf, there are all kinds of crazy expressions.

We get to the bottom of the matter: the Benzinger and the Royal Benzinger.. Are they related?

First of all we have to start from the beginning:

Who or what is a Benzinger?

A Benzinger is called an absolute failure in the golf language. It is also said that the golf ball was hit “fat”. It’s like your bat is going to be a shovel before you hit the ball.. So you hit the ball so clumsy that it just bounces forward and doesn’t come into play with length. The Benzinger is mainly used in the short game. If the ball was “benzt”, the ball played is not really useful. How can it be otherwise: so the namesake of this wonderful failed strike is the Lord Benzinger personally.

Benzinger was not a highly talented golfer of his time, but he has forever left his impressions in golf…

What does the Benzinger have to do with the royal Benzingern?

There is a royal Benzinger e.v.

The Royal Benzinger e.v. has set itself the goal of promoting golf, music and joy of life and is setting up the Royal Benzinger tournament once a year. The Royal Benzinger tournament is the holiday for golf, music and joy of life.

This tournament was named after the worst of all possible golf strokes, in which the player accidentally wrapped his ball with Earth. (The Benzinger)

This event is the deliberate rejection of a usual golf competition.. Participants dress up as nuns, pirates and half-naked, hoping to get the best dressed award. In addition, not only good but also terrible performances are awarded, including of course the “Benzinger”.

You meet for a cheerful putting and punching.

The royal Benzinger are directing and inviting – music-affine golf maniacs come and turn appropriately. As it should be.

As always, the music, sports drinks and an atmosphere as it should be in every golf tournament reign – unfortunately not always reigns. But don’t worry: the members of the Royal Benzinger e.v. will continue to do their service at the Golf Beklopptness front until the stick-stiff is banned from the golf course!

And if you were to sift a nun or a devil, just stay cool. The royal Benzinger are much more harmless than they look.

Our conclusion:

The Lord Benzinger is not related to the royal Benzingern. But one thing is certain, if the royal Benzinger had already given it at the times when it was started “to Benzen”, Mr. Benzinger would certainly have landed one or the other time in the league of the excellent “Benzinger”.

In this sense:

Sport FREE! … and spread the message of this wonderful game.

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