If the place is ripe firstonce, most of you will run away with enthusiasm to cover yourself with awesome golf equipment.
In the store or online shop you usually find that there are more than just rackets and golf balls.
Sometimes you don’t see the forest for the trees and that’s why we’ll tell you what you really need and, above all, what to do!

  1. Racket: explains itself, doesn’t it? Whether a driver is needed, there are many different: there are those who want to “ball”: far to beat is a hammer feeling. Just buy yourself a driver. Some people want to get a relationship with the irons First. Everything Ok-look at what you feel comfortable and go play. Definitely useful are a pair of iron, wedge and a putter.
  2. Light Stand Golf bag: to carry your rackets and your Equipment. There are also heavier, for which you would rather need a trolley. The range is varied: from water-permeable, water-repellent to Waterproof. Look at the area you’re playing IN. A rain cover is recommended, however, if it is not waterproof.
  3. Golf Balls: and many of them…
  4. Edding: in case someone is playing the same golf ball as You. When marking, there are no limits to creative DESIGN.
  5. Tees: for the Tee. Your ball is higher and can be hit more easily.
  6. Glove: for your grip.Pitch fork
  7. Pitch Fork: Nothing is more annoying than an unpatched Pitchmarke. These are recesses that make the putting green uneven and can hinder you properly in your Putty. Mending is an absolute duty!
  8. Marker: If you raise your ball, it must be placed exactly in the same place. This is marked by you. A marker is a flat chip or something flat like your lucky coin.
  9. Towel: sweat, rain, sand, earth: all annoying stuff on the bat that somehow wants to be dried and removed.
  10. Umbrella: Conditional. Useful if you have a trolley. Then he can give you protection in the rain as well as in the Sun. Practical: Wet gloves can be exchanged in the game and hanged underneath for Drying.
  11. Bagtag: Mark your territory and show your cool, individual taste;-) It’s a trailer for your bag. Either from your home club or your favorite manufacturer or Both. If you are a member of a club, you should always stick to it your yearly changing sticker. The marshals will thank You.Royal Benzinger Cap
  12. cap, hat, cap: 18 holes, 5-6 hours of play in a blazing sun: to avoid sunbite, a headgear would be a brilliant solution (and of course drinking water;-)).
  13. Shoes for a fixed stand: not necessarily necessary on the driving range, but on the course you will notice the difference immediately.
  14. Brush: to clean the club HEADS. If you just want to clean the grooves, go for a tea First.

Utensils like lasers, GPs clocks, Ballangel and much more are things you don’t need at all or at least not right at the Beginning.

Theme Clothing: our moth: be yourself….
Teenagers on the golf courseBut unfortunately not every golf club listens to us and therefore some golf clubs also have a very outdated dress code. Only because the club requires you to wear “golf clothes” does not mean that the golf clothing manufacturers always produce great Fashion. Neither the rule in which direction you are allowed to wear your cap (which actually exists), nor the rule which material or color your outfit should have is contemporary. Often the golfing without a collar on the shirt is not even possible. These rules are narrow-minded and totally untimely. It is our good right to play as we feel comfortable. From me like in healers and clean clothes, but not like uniform puppets. The advantages of the functional clothing show up quickly and therefore find the way to our wardrobes almost by itself. There are now also some manufacturers who work very fashionable and individually with diamonds, strips and colourful patterns.
So: eyes on the Clubwahl;-)

We hope we could give you a little insight and solve the riddle: “what do I really need now?”.

Something extremely indispensable is missing here? Your thoughts under Info@foreace.com.

Be yourself-play like a god.

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