Luckily, something is happening in the golfer’s world and it is colourful, paradise birds are welcome and individualists are conquering the golf courses of the globe.
For those who want something different or different:

Here are our ten coolest golfers, with whom you will certainly like to go for a round. Because one thing is certain: boring and stuffy it will not be with you.

10th place:

Sean Connery, how can it be otherwise, came through one of his James Bond movies to golf. For the role he took lessons. According to his own words, he was “immediately addicted”.
To this day golf has almost taken over his life.


Jack Nicholson Golf9th place:

Also actor Jack Nicholson has fallen into the game of golf. Through a film shoot he was “infected” with golf and only started playing golf at 52 years of age. So is golf: it is makes you obsessed!



Justin Timberlake plays golf

8th place:

Justin Timberlake plays golf out of passion, has his own golf course since he saved him from the closing. He has designed cool golf fashion to make golfing more attractive for a younger audience and he also plays damn good. Absolutely cool!

7th place:

“Our” Bernhard Langer!
As long as we can think, there’s Bernhard Langer in golf. Always present, always successful. His good game is like being crowned by one of his joys dance. There are plenty of opportunities. Damn good golf He plays in his old age and is a model of many. Thank you Mister Langer!


6th place:

Paige Spiranac
She is not only a sexy Instagram super star but also an excellent golfer.
She looks different from other golfers. Thank God, we find. She dresses differently, she doesn’t adapt. She loves golf, and Paige also thinks there are a lot of things that need to change in golf. Keep it up, Paige!

5th place:

Bubba Watson
The Majorchampion has taught himself to play golf. He had not had any lessons until today. He looks, feels in the game and does it! It is important for him to have fun and to inspire young players! A real rebel.


4th place:

M. Siem
We agree with him: Golf has nothing to do with boredom and is not an elitist thing either. Golf is cool and we see it like him that there are still too many skewers on German golf courses. It is anything but adapted and it is a best example of the fact that we do not have to wear Karohosen and short hair when playing golf.

3rd place:

Miguel Angel Jiménez, “El Mecanico”, mostly with cigar and like to see also with red wine and a very special heat-up. Quite relaxed he meets the game of golf:
“I give myself to golf and golf has given me everything in return”
He is the oldest European Tour winner and a very likeable golfer.

Second place:

Alice Cooper is not a pro but according to the title of his autobiography A “Golf Monster”.
Golf saved his life. He doesn’t drink anymore, but plays golf, says Alice Cooper.
An impressive way of how a wild Rock ‘ n ‘ roll life led to a serious Golfsucht.

Our number 1

Of course, one of the most extraordinary players is not to be missed: John Daly!
Daring outfits, and the courage to be extravagant: we love it and you are yourself and play like a God!


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