We are often asked: “Why do you produce golf balls?”

That’s why we take you behind the scenes and give you a speech and answer to the most frequently asked questions and provide exclusive insights into our soul;-).

Why did you create a golf brand?

Alex: We have been playing golf for a while and indulged one day again our favourite sport when suddenly the green of the 16 the Gulf gods appeared and asked us to chisel the golf bids with our teas in stone tablets…

What moved you to produce your own balls?

Alex: There was still no divine and a cool brand didn’t exist either. And since someone has to do it, we did it:-)

What’s different about your golf balls?

Alex: First of all we made them round and let the Dimples not be pushed by children’s hands into the balls-but joking aside: we have succeeded for the most different types of players the best possible, tuned ball at a certainly unrivalled low price on Market. However, we are not a discounter/cheap manufacturer, but we conclude with the exquisite design directly from the premium brands. Only cheaper:-)

Why are they sold exclusively online?

Alex: In this way we are able to exclude the wholesale trade and thus to be able to pass on a significant savings directly to our customers.

Ricarda: As so often in online trading, I save a lot of money as a customer. I buy a lot online myself, of course I also support our small regional shops. But large chains have a very high surcharge and I do not see one to pay and try to avoid this.

Why do you have such a logo?

Ricarda: How so many things arise in the development process. It’s striking, it fits the brand and it’s an eye-catcher. I love the moment when some of the two. 3. Or 4. Look to see that the eyes are 2 golf clubs. I find our logo mega cool!

Alex: The skull is certainly reminiscent of the transience that also reaches the golf ball too often. Also, it certainly shows on the first glance that we are different and rejoice over anyone who lives his otherness with us.

Golf Ball FOREACEWhy the name?

Ricarda: We had a thousand ideas. This was the best. Fore is the life-saving wake in golf and Ace is the ace, so the hole-in-one, a dream of every golfer.

How important is the quality of the balls?

Ricarda: Extreme!

Why should you play FOREACE golf balls?

Alex: I can’t think of a reason why you should play other people if you can have ours.

Ricarda: We are a very good quality with a cool layout and very good value for money. We are there for our customers. So it all speaks for it:-)

Who are they made for?

Ricarda: There is something for everyone

Alex: For all those who want to bring coolness and rock’n’roll into this sport and still want to use the finest equipment.

What’s so cool about FOREACE?


Is it a curse or a blessing to work together?

Alex: Yes!

Curse and blessing, genius and madness, that lies all close together and the borders blur sometimes;-)

Ricarda: I know what I can do and especially what I can’t. That’s why we complement each other well and it’s a blessing for me.

Golf = Rock n roll? Is that it?

Ricarda: Sure! The clothes are colourful, you can play the sport in accordance with the rules but with a lot of fun, with or without loud beats, alcohol or long, short or colourful hair. There are many creative possibilities to live in the sport and to be individual. Alone or in the group. But yes, there is still a lot of air to the top of the German golf courses… If you can’t find golf stuffy, then you should be in the square too:-)

Many rock stars play golf, so there has to be something cool about it..

In addition to the classic golf tournaments, there are fortunately also some who openly live out their “Golfsucht” and celebrate with extremely much fun golf tournaments. Our favourite among the golf tournaments is the Royal Benzinger in Berlin! This is golf as we love it! So again like the question: is golf = Rock n roll? Yes, in any case, if you want it! The best thing is not to take yourself so seriously.

Funny questions we get asked and don’t want to withhold:

Which beverage do you order in a bar?

Ricarda: Sex on the beach.

Alex: Long Island Ice tea, or Prince of Wales. Depending on how the day ran;-)

Best meal, where and what did you eat?

Ricarda: Japan. A lot of small, fine, indefinable things.

Alex: Labskaus, at the Alexander von Humboldt in Bremen. Fantastic guinea fowl in the Gogärtchen on Sylt and at the Buhne16 there are the best mackerels. Sensational Club sandwich is available at the Atlantic in Hamburg.. You could say it’s hard for me to lay down.

Why do you play golf?

Ricarda: I am tempted by the challenge. Every stroke decides anew: Hero or loser.

Alex: I could also let a domina spank my butt, but I live my masochistic vein.

Winning strategy?

Ricarda: Make!

Alex: Success has 3 letters: T.U.N. (Goethe)

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