Youth Promotion is a major priority at FOREACE

“Strong together for our golf-youth” is the principle of the fore-kids idea.

Fore-Kids has a particular goal: to support committed people in their volunteer work and to help them through the thank you bonus. With fore-kids, FOREACE wants to strengthen, promote and professionalize the voluntary involvement of local people in the golf clubs. Golfers will find the opportunity to contribute their social commitment simply and uncomplicatedly.


The guiding principle

Fore-Kids supports and promotes the golf-youth Europe-wide. Youth work could be expanded in many golf clubs. Outdated or non-existent sports materials prevent the qualitative training of many children and also the promotion of disadvantaged children is only inadequate for reasons of cost. For this reason, youth sport needs support. The aim of FOREACE is therefore to provide the best possible assistance.


Earn rewards when shopping online

With the fore-kids-bonus-tool everyone can collect free money for their golf club. The principle is quite simple: the buyer goes via to the golf shop And order normally his golf balls etc. At the end of the order, he enters the coupon code of his golf club. FOREACE then pays a thank you bonus of 10% of his order to his golf club, who will provide this for the youth. The shopping costs no more cents and the golf youth benefits. The prerequisite for the code is that the golf clubs have registered for free at FOREACE. Either the golf clubs have informed their members about the action with the code or the consumer asks at FOREACE whether the club is already registered and gets the coupon code provided.

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